Vital Tips and Tools For WordPress Spam Protection

Vital Tips and Tools For WordPress Spam Protection
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I think every blogger loves to get comments on their blog sites. But when they get spam comments on their blog, I think they fell very annoy with those comments.

I also feel very annoyed with those comments. It is big problem for bloggers.

Today I want to give you some tips for WordPress Spam Protection.

How to Stop Spam Comments WordPress

WordPress spam protection

Disable Trackbacks:

Many bloggers get spam comments from trackbacks. Some bloggers are using trackbacks on their blog sites. But You should not use this option on your blog. You can disable this option from your admin panel.

Defeating Spam Minus the Plugins

You also have some ways that you can find spam without needing to install plugins. You could allow people to comment on your articles, but require that they add a name and an email address.

This helps to cut down on the amount of spam that you might receive significantly.

You can have WordPress email you whenever you have a comment or have a comment held for moderation.

This gives you control over what comments make it onto the site and those that do not. You could even set up the system to block comments that contain three links or more.

WordPress spam protection Using Plugins

1. Askimet

Perhaps the most popular of the anti-spam tools out there is Askimet. In fact, this was one of the first tools for dealing with spam in WordPress, and today it comes as a part of the WordPress package.

When you start your site, you will have the option of using the tool right out of the gate without needing to install anything new. You can set it up and let it run. Once you set it up, you will not have to worry about it.

This will help to keep the spam away from your site. The only thing that you will have to do occasionally updates the plugin. Though this is a great and simple choice since it comes with WordPress, Askimet is not the only option you have.




You have probably seen this tool on blogs, as well, and it might be something that you will want to consider for your own site. This is a tool that will help to keep all of the bots away from your site.

Users who are going to add a comment to your site need to type in the CAPTCHA words before they will be able to proceed. Because bots are unable to recognize the words they need to input on the screen, it ensures no spam bots are making their way to your site.

This type of tool can be a bit bothersome for some guests, though, and it could cause fewer people to comment on your site.

This is something that you might want to try for a while to see if the pros outweigh the cons. Many people really enjoy the tool and find it eminently useful.



Spam Stopper

This is a tool quite similar to ReCAPTCHA, and it even uses the same CAPTCHA validation techniques. It can determine the validity of a comment, but it does have the same issues as the other CAPTCHA tools.



Spam Free WordPress

Another option that you might want to try is Spam Free WordPress, which is able to block IP addresses, which can help with those dedicated spammers who still use manual entry techniques to bypass some of the other defenses that you might have up.

This plugin claims that it will be able to block all of the incoming spam that you might face. This is a bold claim and something that other plugins are not willing to say.




One of the cutting edge solution for  WordPress spam protection, with NO CAPTCHAs, challenge questions are the method used in this plugin. This plugin works silently in the background, and it is managing WordPress spam disappear on its arrival.



Use Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

A few days ago I installed this plugin on my blog.This plugin will add a checkbox after comment area for asking the comment author to confirm that he/she is not the spammer. It is the really great plugin.You can install this plugin on your WordPress blog.



Use WP-Ban Plugin

It is another great plugin. You can use it for blocking spammers to visit your blog. When you will ban those spammers IP address they can’t visit your blog site. When they will visit your blog they can see a ban message on your blog. You can also ban referrer URL from visiting your WordPress blog.



Along with this ease of use come some great tools for dealing with one of the most troublesome parts of the Internet – spam.

Anyone who has had a site that allows comments knows that spam is one of the problems that always seem to occur, no matter how large or small the site.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to deal with the WordPress spam protection. Thanks to the plugins.

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