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7 Ways to Use Pinterest to Generate Blog Traffic

The secret is out about the power of Pinterest. Many bloggers are reporting that the bulk of their references comes from Pinterest, even though they only have 500 or so followers, as opposed to gaining traffic from their 25,000 Twitter followers. If used correctly — or creatively — Pinterest is the jewel in the crown of traffic-generating social media. Follow these seven steps to harness the power of Pinterest.

Make Captions Count

The more enticing — or funny or compelling — your caption, the more likely you are to generate traffic. Some will repin your picture without ever reading your caption, but don’t count on it. A great image is good, but when it’s coupled with a stellar caption, it’s much more likely to be noticed and shared.

Pinterest is quickly becoming the top social-media site for many bloggers.
Pinterest is quickly becoming the top social-media site for many bloggers.
Build a Community Around Your Board

Find others who have content similar to yours, and invite them to pin on your board. When you’re invited to pin on someone else’s board, take them up on the opportunity. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, and when you build a community around your board, you increase your chances of your pins being noticed and repinned.

Correspond Your Boards to Your Content

What are the main categories for your blog? Identify them and create a board for each one. Don’t create too many, because you will find it difficult to get a following for each, but have a stable of boards that correspond to the individual categories of your online content.

Eye-Catching Content

Remember, Pinterest is visual. Add images that pop and draw people in instantly as they browse. It sounds obvious, but don’t forget that what sets Pinterest apart is that it relies on visual stimulation. Make your images count.

Repin with Purpose

When you repin, which you should as frequently as possible, repin to one of your boards that matches the category of the content you’re passing on. Many times, people will follow one of your specific boards instead of following you outright.

Pin your blog posts, but also give visitors the option of pinning your material.
Pin your blog posts, but also give visitors the option of pinning your material.
Make it Easy for Others to Pin You

Make sure your blog not only allows people to pin your content, but encourages them to do so. Use plug-ins and the multitude of options that clearly show visitors the way to share content of yours that they enjoy.

Post Original Content

Up to 80 percent of Pinterest content is repins. When you post original, compelling content, you not only separate yourself from the multitudes of repinners, but you add fresh content to the pool that most of the Pinterest community is just waiting to share.

Pinterest is quickly gaining on Twitter for the number-two spot behind the almighty Facebook in the realm of social media. Since blogs are so visual, Pinterest is the perfect partner for bloggers who are looking to expand their brand.

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By Andrew Lisa

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles who writes on a variety of topics, including maintaining a positive online reputation.

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