About Me

Hey, what’s up?

I’m Litto, the founder of Confident Blogger.

I’m just a normal guy from India who makes a living on the internet. I have created this blog to share my experience about my online business journey.

I created my first blog with WordPress on 2010. In 2010, I built some other blogs but didn’t work on those blogs seriously. Actually, I didn’t know much about online business that time. I just built those sites for fun.

Later, I built a blog on December 2010 and I was quite serious about that blog. After few months, I had to stop working on it due my health conditions.

In 2013, I purchased a blog for 3 figures and later sold it for 4 figures.

In 2015, I sold a micro affiliate site for 3 figures and another blog site for 3 figures.

Last few years, I couldn’t work on my sites properly for several reasons. So, I have decided now to work seriously to grow my online business and share my experience on this blog.