An Interview with My Friend Trini

Last Week i took an interview with Onibalusi Bamidele.Today i would like to introduce my friend Trini.I’ve taken an interview with her.

Mir Imran Elahi:Would you please tell us something about you and your site?

Trini:What can I say. My blog started as somewhat of a journal. I got interested in making money online after it was mentioned to me by my brother in law. I was out of a job at the time because of a back injury that caused me to quit. So some extra income from home sounded like a good option. I decided to give it a try and created my blog to track my progress.

Mir Imran Elahi:When did you start blogging?

Trini:I started blogging in October 2008.

Mir Imran Elahi:How to become a professional blogger and how long does it take?

Trini:I don’t know if I would consider myself a professional blogger. I’m still learning new things everyday. But I do know that it took me at least a year before I started to see any income from my blog.

Mir Imran Elahi:How much time per day you spend in blogging?
Trini: As of now my schedule is tight so sometimes days go by where I don’t spend time working online. But I would suggest spending at least an hour blogging… that includes behind the scenes blog work as well such as link building, etc.

Mir Imran Elahi:What’s your favorite blog?
Trini:I don’t believe I have a favorite blog. I love blog hopping in my spare time and discovering new blogs all the time.

Mir Imran Elahi:In your opinion, what is the best way to monetize a blog?
Trini:I would suggest affiliate marketing and Google adsense as the best ways to monetize a blog.

Mir Imran Elahi:Which blog sites would you recommend to newbie bloggers?
Trini:Well like I said, I don’t have favorite blog sites per say, but Matt Cutts at always has some good tips on blogging.

Mir Imran Elahi:Which social networking/bookmarking sites would you recommend to newbie bloggers?
Trini:Wow well the first one that comes to mind is definitely the biggest which is Facebook. But don’t stop there! There are thousands of social bookmark sites that you can submit your blog link to and gain exposure and traffic together with a free backlink. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll find tons of them!

Mir Imran Elahi:What suggestions will you give for beginners?
Trini:Don’t expect too much when you first start out. Take it nice and slow and don’t give up. Be willing to research, read, and apply the knowledge.

Mir Imran Elahi:What is the best way to make money online from blog?
Trini:There really is no best way in my opinion. What might work for you might not work for someone else. It’s important to understand the different ways to make money online and figure out which way you think would be best for you.

Mir Imran Elahi:Could you tell us about your upcoming project(s)?
Trini:For now, I’m working on ranking for a few other main keywords on the big search engines like Google, etc. Also I’d like to increase my monthly income in the 4 digit range.

Mir Imran Elahi: Thanks Trini.

Trini:Thanks a lot to you for interviewing me. I’m honored and I hope I inspire some of your readers to get started earning online today.

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By Mir Imran Elahi

He is a passionate contributor of Confidentblogger and helping a lot in the growth of this blog. He really wants to help people who want to make their blog and make money from their blog.

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