How To Find The Best Domain Name For Your Website

Setting up a website today is rather easy. All you have to do is think up a Best Domain Name that the site shall forever use, and get the hosting company to help you out creating a layout for the website. Well, the major hurdle that you shall have to jump across is selecting an appropriate domain name.

How to Decide Great Domain Names for your Business

Best Domain Name is an important part of a blog site or website. You should choose a good domain name for your blog or website. I’m giving some tips to choose a domain name. You can give your opinion at the comment area. Here are some tips to choose a domain name.


1. Choose a short domain name

I think you should take a short name for your domain. It would be one word or two words. It is easy to write and remember your domain name. So, try to keep your domain name short. If you want to create a personal site you can use your name as your domain name.

2. Easy to remember

At first, you should choose a short domain name. But remember don’t use a hard word to use your domain name. Always use an easy word to remember your domain name. If you want to people will remember your blog or website you must use an easy name to remember your blog or website.

3. Try to stay with .com extension

There are lots of domain extensions. But popular domain extension is .com. You can also use .net extension if .com domain extension is not available. I think if .net domain extension is not available don’t purchase .org extension. Because .org domain extension is used by non-profits groups.

4. Easy to spell

You should use your domain name easy to spell. The long name is not forgettable. If you use long domain name it would be meaningful.

5. Don’t use numbers and Hyphens

You should not use numbers and hyphens for your domain name. I know some blog sites are very popular while using numbers and hyphens for their domain name. But my opinion you should avoid numbers and hyphens for choosing your domain name. I don’t use number and hyphens for choosing a domain name.

6. Use Keyword

You can use a keyword for your domain name. People are searching for products or solution by keywords. If you have the keyword in your domain it helps to search engine to find out your blog.

You should keep your domain name relevant to your blog or website. It’s very helpful for people. People can understand about your blog. You should try to make your domain name unique.If you follow those tips, I hope you will get a good domain name for your blog. If you have any tips, please feel free to leave a comment or write a guest post about it.

Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Domain Name

What are the common mistakes that people make when they select a domain name? Read on and find out so that you can avoid the same mistakes and ensure that your website’s identity remains top notch.

choosing a personal domain name

1. Clone Names

Selecting domain names resembling that of another company might seem like a nice way to get spillover hits but this simply makes your website appear to be a knock-off rather than the original. Moreover, it comes with legal hassles.

2. Going Away From Common Suffixes

If you have already settled on a name but that seems to be taken in the .com or .net addresses then think up a different name. Businesses that select offbeat suffixes tend to be etched out of memory too soon.

3. Weird But Impressive Names

Its fine to select a quirky or impressive domain name but try to adhere to names that display what your site is about. Moreover, try to be simple in the selection process so others can remember the domain name rather easily.

4. Long Winding Names

The longer a domain name the harder it is to remember. Try to stay short and sweet.

5. Generic Costs A Lot

The idea that a generic name will get a lot more hits is true but the majority of generic names have already been purchased and you will have to spend a tiny fortune to get them. Instead, try other names and use the saved up money in development or promotional activities.

6. Awkward Spellings

Using odd spellings may seem like an amusing domain name idea but never attempt this if you cannot own all related and appropriate spelling names. Otherwise, people will get diverted elsewhere.

7. Thinking About The Name Late

If you are a startup business then now is the time to decide on a domain name while thinking up a business name. Many folks wait till later only to realize that there are no domain names close to their business name. The day you settle on a business name, make sure you purchase the rights to a close domain name for later use.

8. Lack of Research

Before actually selecting a domain name to see what websites pop up when you misspell the name. Many businesses have been known to lose out to competitors because they choose a name close to that of the competition.

9.Using Dashes in Domain names

Today, dashes are seldom used in domain names because they are frustrating to spell and type. Refrain from such practices.

10. Frustration-Induced Names

Granted that it is difficult to search for great unregistered domain names but if you settle for a hard to remember name then you are hurting your business. Keep thinking until an easy name comes to mind.


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