Font Selection Guide: How to select a best font for website?

Quality content should be the primary focus of a blog, but eye appeal is also important. A themed blog template, a few well-chosen images, and colors that complement the theme can make a blog look professional and attractive. Believe it or not, even the font used has an impact on the appearance of the blog. A person who’s blogging for fun or friends may not be too concerned about what font they choose, but a businessperson needs to be a little more careful.

A blog’s chosen font is part of its personality, and it reflects on the blogger. There are a variety of fonts that allow the individual to choose something that looks professional, fun, artsy, or antique.

Read on to learn more about why it’s so important to put a little thought into the font used for a blog.

Some forethought should go into choosing a font for a business blog.

Choosing the Font for a Business-Related Blog

Reflect the Mood of the Blog:-

Is the focus of the blog serious, lighthearted, artsy, or technical? Whatever it is, the font should reflect the blog’s mood. A blog having to do with anything creative or artsy can choose from fonts that wouldn’t be found on a law-focused blog.


Avoid going too over the top so the main focus isn’t the font. Ultimately, the font that’s chosen should play up the mood without making it overpowering.

Complementary or Contrasting:-

A blogger may or may not choose the same font for each area of the blog. The heading and subheadings of the blog often appear with a different font than what’s used for the remainder of the text.

If this is what the blogger chooses to do, he or she must decide if a complementary or contrasting font is wanted. A great way to figure it out is to try out different combinations to see what is most appealing to the eye.

Consider the Business Website:-

If the blog is part of a business website, it should flow with the rest of the site. A simple way to achieve this is to use the same font throughout the blog as is used on the website.

Make it Legible:-

Above all, the font that’s chosen should be easy to read. It doesn’t matter how fancy it looks if people have a hard time reading it. Bloggers have a lot of competition, so it’s smart to use a font that will invite people to read, instead of sending them to the “Back” button.

Choosing the best font is as easy as ABC.

font selection guide


Font Is Part of the Communication Style

Choosing a font for a business blog is part of the creative process. Yet, the business owner wants to make sure that whatever they choose is in line with everything else that’s part of the business brand.

If a poor choice is made, the blogger can always change the font. But consideration of the above steps can help bloggers avoid choosing the wrong font.

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