How to Get More Comments for Your Blog Posts [Few Best Tips]

If you are a new blogger one of the many things you’d be worrying about is how to get comments on your blog. At the start of setting up your blog your worries would be how to drive traffic to it, and after that, you’ll be concerned with getting people to comment on your blog posts. Many blogs today have thousands of people reading them but they hardly get one of them to share their comment on their posts.

How to Get More Comments

If you are not getting comments to your blog and desire to have those reading your blog to leave a comment on your posts, you can learn a few helpful tips from this blog post. I’m going to be sharing some ways you could increase comments on your blog posts without having to do anything unworthy of you.

Follow these steps to  get comments

First of all, write Comment worthy Content

If you have been taking a close study at the big blogs that usually get comments on them, you’d have noticed that they spend time providing articles that won’t just waste the time of their readers but add real value to them, thus making it comment worthy.

If your blog has been coming short of this, you cannot expect readers to comment on it. It is easy to share your comments on blogs that have good and valuable contents to provide than a blog that does otherwise.

Start spending more time in revising your articles and make good research before putting them together. This way, you’d be able to get more people to comment on your blog.

Start Commenting on Other Blogs

Another thing you should start doing in order to get comments on your blog is to comment on other blogs. The truth is that many bloggers won’t leave a comment on your blog unless you’ve left some comments on their blogs.

Other than making others to leave a comment on your blog, you can also increase traffic to your blog by leaving your comments on other blogs. This shouldn’t cost you so much, but you should make sure you are reading the blog post you want to share your comment on before you do so.

Join a Group of Bloggers

With the rise of social media sites like Facebook, building relationship with other bloggers has never been better. Have you been in any group on Facebook lately? You probably have been sharing tips and tricks with each other in the group that you are but aren’t aware that you can leverage the opportunity you have as a member of your group to get comments to your blog?

If you are not yet a member of a group now, it will do you good to join one

Ask your Visitors to Post Comment

This could be a great way to encourage your visitors to Post Comment or Ask Question. Some Lines you can Use are

  • Feel Free to add your feedback in the Comment Box given below
  • Has Any question to ask? Don’t Hesitate. Add your Comment below, and I will do my best to answer your question
  • I would love to read your Feedbacks.

Show Newest Comments First

Always set your Comments setting to show newest comments First rather than Popular or Old Comments. This way Visitors can easily read and find the latest information about the Blog Post.

Respond to the Comments

No one likes to be unanswered. Most People Consider that whether author reply to comments or not before posting any comment. Make this as your habit and schedule a specific time when you reply to comments instead of wasting all your times waiting for new comments. Try to reply to every single comment.

You can use Disqus too!

Disqus is a new and effective to encourage your visitors to post comments. Disqus has all basic and advanced features required like post notification.

Don’t Add Captchas

Captcha might be one of the best ways to stop Spam Notifications but also the Best Way to make your Visitors get away! Yups, Visitors don’t like to fill captcha to prove they are humans just because they want to leave feedback on the post. Would you? So, You can use various way to stop Spammy comments and one of the best and easiest ways to do this is using Askimet Plugin for WordPress which requires less than a minute to setup and boom! You won’t have to face spams again.

Install Commentluv

Lastly, you can attract commentators to your blog by simply installing a plugin called “Commentluv”. This plugin was designed to help bloggers show love to each other by leaving a link of the blog of anyone that comments below his or her comment, which is mostly do-follow.

If you haven’t installed comment Luv on your blog now, you can increase the number of comments your blog will be receiving by installing it on it.

Let them subscribe to their Comments and Discussion

Letting your users subscribe to their comments and new notification so that can check back what’s new.

Suppose a very new visitor have arrived at your site and leaves a comment to your site. It’s a golden chance for you to turn the visitor into a Loyal Reader. If they Forget to bookmark your page or didn’t found your site again, You will lose them. So, this way you can remember about their past comment and even get new their Email ID to be added on your Subscriber List.

And remember, One loyal reader is worth a thousand Normal Visitor.

Final Words

Comments are a great way to build engaging Community around your blog and get rated at the Top. Don’t Ignore any Comment to get good Reputation

Which other ways do you know to get comments for your blog posts?

Don’t Forget to Leave your Comments in the Comment Section Below. 🙂


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