Guest Blogging Vs Article Marketing: Which Works Best?

Guest blogging or article marketing which is more effective to promote a blog this is a common question among blogger, especially among newbie blogger.

If you are not quite sure about guest blogging and article marketing, don’t worry I am here to break those points out.

Guest Blogging Vs Article Marketing

What is guest blogging?

The word guest blogging is making quite a sense about it.

Yes, guest blogging is simply writing on other’s blog as a guest. When you will write for other’s blog who allow guest post (though many bloggers don’t allow guest blogging), you will be counted as guest blogger.

In your guest post, you are allowed to put your blog’s link back to your blog in author byline. That’s it.

What is article marketing?

The concept of article marketing is quite simple.

You will write an article and will submit your article to an article directory.

There are lots of article directories available on the internet like ezine, article etc. In your article, you are allowed to put your link. That’s it.

Which one is effective: Article Marketing or Guest posting:

Many people may argue but I am quite sure guest blogging is more effective than article marketing especially to promote a blog.

Loyal reader:

If you are a blogger, I am quite sure you read some blogs regularly.

But ask yourself do you follow any article directory?

I don’t.

Normally article directory doesn’t have enough loyal readers which are very effective to make a blog successful. Most of the popular blog out there have enough number of loyal readers.

That is why they are popular.

So if you submit guest post, you will get some loyal reader from those blogs.

On the other hand, article directory doesn’t have a loyal reader so you won’t get any reader from an article directory.

Get noticed by another blogger:

Do you know most of the blog reader are either blogger or want to be a blogger?

So it’s really vital to introduce yourself with other blogger and guest blogging the best way to get noticed by another blogger.

If you write a guest post on another blog which has a loyal reader, you will get noticed by other blogger and they will visit your blog. But most of the blogger don’t read article directory.

So if you submit your post on article directory you won’t be able to introduce yourself to another blogger.

But to make your blog popular you need to be popular among blogger.

Building community:

Blogging isn’t about sharing your thought only, it also about building a community around your blog.

You are nothing with your community.

And guest blogging works nicely to build a community around your blog. If you write a guest post for a blog that means you are being familiar personally with that blogger and when your guest post is live.

The reader of that blog will know about you and your blog and if your blog is good enough, lots of people will be part of your community and they will turn into a loyal reader.

But in the case of article marketing, you won’t get that chance at all.

What do you think about that? Please share your thought with us.

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