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How to Market Your Blog

Creating a blog doesn’t mean you can make money from your blog site. If you want to make money from blog, you need traffic to your blog. You should know about blog marketing. Blog marketing is very important because without blog marketing you can’t get traffic to your blog. You can market your blog though Guest blogging, Commenting, Social networking and Link Building. But you should also consider about search engines. I think there is no doubt about that Search engine optimization is the best way to get high quality traffic to blog site. If you want a lot of traffic to you site you need well ranking score on search engines. By ranking check you will know what is page ranking score? Here some tips to market your blog site:

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an effective way to market your blog site. Most important thing is that people write guest posts for link building to their sites. Guest posting is a great way to get quality link to your site. When you write a guest post for a site, the site owner gives you to add maximum two text links in author bio section. In the text link, site owner uses do follow tag. It also brings traffic to your site and helps to get well ranked.

Comment on Blogs

Commenting on other blog sites is another good way to market your blog site and link build. But when you want to link build with this way, you’ve to comment on do follow sites.

Social Networking

People are using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many other social network sites to market their site. They also use digg, stumbleupon, delicious and many other bookmarking sites to link their sites. This is one of best way to market your site. Only Facebook have over 800 million users.

Link Building

There is no doubt about that link building is a valuable way to market your blog site. I already said that with Guest blogging and Commenting you can get backlinks to your site. There is another way you can get backlinks to your site. If a blogger finds your post useful, he/she will share it with his/her blog readers. This way you can get a backlink. It also helps you to get a PageRank. But it is difficult to say that always you will get backlink by this way. If you are selling your product from your blog site, you need well pagerank and lot of traffic to your blog site.

You can use paid ways to market your blog site:

Sponsored Reviews is a great way to build links and market your blog. You have to pay some bucks for review your products. When a blogger review your site or product, he/she will refer some text link in the review post to your site or product page. You can also use text link ads to market your blog site .Text Links are sold or purchased with the purpose of advertising a related site or service. Many advertising company sell text link. You can buy text link from them. You should do good keyword research before buying text links. I recommended you use Long Tail Pro to research your keywords. .

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By Mir Imran Elahi

He is a passionate contributor of Confidentblogger and helping a lot in the growth of this blog. He really wants to help people who want to make their blog and make money from their blog.

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I just started blogging, so am a “newbie.” I liked your post, but it must be challenging to do backlinking right? I mean in order to do backlinking, do one have to be consistent with the blog or would it be better to find links that are completely out of niche? Please advice. Thank you

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