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Make Your Domain Name Easy to Read

Domain name is very important part of your blog. You should choose a good domain name for your blog or website. If you won’t get your desire extensions then what will you do? Popular domain extension is .com but you can use .net extension if .com domain extension is not available. You should make your domain name easy to read. Yes….

Clicksor had sent me a mail about “make your domain name easy to read”. Thanks to Clicksor to give me an advice. The main point of that message was “if you buy “.net”,”.info”,”.org” version of a domain name because someone beat you to the “.com”, help people to remember your site by writing like this…”



I agree with Clicksor. It’s a great way to get more repeat visitors. Those who want to buy a domain name, but failed to find their desire domain name with .com. I think this suggestion may helpful for them. See how using a capital letter at the extension choice easier to read and easier to remember. I highly recommend you read my this post (How to choose a good domain name for your blog or website?) and understand how to choose a good domain name.

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