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OptinSkin Plugin Review: Check What’s New with OptinSkin Plugin

OptinSkin is the latest plug-in for WordPress from Glen Allsopp with amazing features that add volume to your WordPress blogs. The main idea behind OptinSkin is that it helps out in increasing the number of visitors to your blog by subscribers. The main idea of OptinSkin is to give your blog a new look that attracts your visitor’s attention thus increasing the chance of drawing most of the website visitors into subscribers to get in touch with your updates via email newsletters. This is one of the amazing ways to increase your traffic by ten times more as you implement a fresh look to your blog.

How does the OptinSkin help?

Bloggers can make use of this plug-in not only to invite more traffic but also to share some interesting content around the web. Making use of this plug-in you are exactly design your template with your creative interest and can be placed anywhere in the site from top to bottom on your post or in the sidebars based on your desire.  Implementing different types of stylish designs you extend your chance of more features to your blog. With the help of sharing buttons your visitors tend to share your unique content that pass on one over another in the web increasing more traffic to your site.

Making use of the OptinSkin is quite simple and gets you more effective outcome in the blog appearance. Optinskin plugin work as they are coded from the scratch such that you will be able to experience the ease in the frontend with attractive outward look. To experience this captivate blog looks you just have to get the plugin and run by choosing some options on your WordPress dashboard to activate it. Now you can just check out for some interesting designs and pick few designs that suit your blog.

With the help of OptinSkin you can find your email list being growing as your visitor shares your content on social media that increases your chance of getting more traffic and turning them into likely subscribers over a short time.


What is special in OptinSkin?

Make your blog look the best:

Easy customizable designs help you make your design unique and interesting with the help of simple editor as you can change the gradient styles, colors, text, fonts and the complete outlook. Use fade options to your opt-in content forms to attract your visitor’s attention at once that turns them into future subscribers of your blog. To impress your visitors you first need to focus on the forms than that of data conversion as your success in visitor attraction is fulfilled only if they cross over to find the form.

Design and looks:

Custom design matters a lot as you can make use of the powerful design to fetch more attention to your blog. We have an inbuilt design set of 18 customizable designs and also there are some interesting social share designs which can be coded in CSS and HTML to make them more interesting. Element test your opt-in form can help you change the form text, button, colors, box colors, etc that best suits the form.

Inviting visitor and marketing:

Make your design simple and clear with some attractive design customization part as your design and coding is done one which needs to run over longer time to fetch more interesting outcomes on inviting more visitors. Make your blog with a little of affiliate links with links open for product sales and other ads that work well for your blog. You can experience the good email marketing services like Get Response iContact, Feedburner, InfusionSoft, etc to work with OptinSkin.


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By Mir Imran Elahi

He is a passionate contributor of Confidentblogger and helping a lot in the growth of this blog. He really wants to help people who want to make their blog and make money from their blog.

18 replies on “OptinSkin Plugin Review: Check What’s New with OptinSkin Plugin”

I am not actually familiar with OptinSkin but it looks like a great one and very helpful for us.. Anyway, thanks for providing this post..

Optinskin looks good and your blog really looks good. Glad to know the newest features of optinskin and I’ll check this out and sooner or later I would try this on my blog.

Seems this plugin is very good, it does seem to enhance the subscribe box and make it attractive. Great thing is that it seems to integrate with feedburner and has social media buttons.

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