Don’t Just Optimize the Content – But Also the Images in It

A place in the top 3 search results of the most popular search engines (More specifically Google, people hardly care about the other search engines) for a specific keyword, it’s a dream of any webmaster. Different tried & tested methods are used, in addition with the new methodologies to rank a website. However, did you […]

Business Blogging

Website Development: Make Sure It Is On Your Business Plan

The contents of a business plan changes with time and technological advances.  The to-do list used to contain items that ranged from establish budget to design a logo, with quite standard items in-between.  A new addition today has to be “develop website.”  This addition potentially re-orientates things quite a bit. The advent of the website […]


5 Google Operators You Need To Know

Google is, without a doubt, the most prevalent site on the Internet. I literally don’t know anyone who hasn’t used it to some degree, and I’d say 90% of people I speak to about such things have Google as their browser homepage. But there’s much more to using Google than simply typing in a few […]

Social Media & Marketing

Social Relationship Management Software

The prevalence of social media in everyday business operations is driving the need for new software programs which allow companies to better track their own social networking and social media marketing activities. Additionally, businesses need methods for measuring the success of their social media activities and determining strategic next steps for furthering the involvement in […]


The Right Online Marketing Niche

As Edwin Land, a famous American scientist calls it “Marketing is what you do when your product is no good”. On the contrary, a success in business is just not possible in the modern days if you avoid marketing. This is owing to the number of healthy competitors around. Even business on the internet calls […]