SEO in 2013 – Five Realistic Predictions

2012 was a year of turmoil, turnarounds and changes all around. The most to be affected was SEO because of the wide impact that handheld devices were making in the way people use and interact with websites. It was no longer a “build a website” and watch visitors coming in for informational stories. On the […]


Online Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2013

The past year was not too bad for online marketers, who incorporated several new techniques in their marketing activities and were able to make their presence felt. The year ahead promises to be even more exciting with new venues and opportunities opening up. Most small business owners and online marketing specialists would by now have […]

Social Media & Marketing

Social Media And All The Recent Changes

The advancement in the technology has improved greatly; these changes have spread through a variety of fields rapidly. Advancements also took place in social media and a few changes have made in the way people communicate with each other. The changes that are made in social network channels not only have an effect on interpersonal […]

Business Blogging

Research Information that Actually Helps

We live in the Information Age. This means that we are able to look up and learn about pretty much anything we want or need. This means that our decisions are more informed than they have ever been before—but is that really a good thing? Are we using our access to information responsibly? In some […]

Email Marketing

Top 3 Websites for Email Marketing

Businesses, especially big businesses all around the world have one thing in common – customers. Managing customers and making sure they still remember you is a task most people find difficult. It gets even harder to do that when you have lots of customers and a small staff to take care of them. This is […]