4 Seo Tips For Changing Your Url Structure

In this web world, every URL should be optimized perfectly from the very first day. Making your URLs more SEO friendly There may be myriad of reasons for which you might need to Changing Your Url Structure– maybe it is for the first time that a page is optimized or it may be for complying […]

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7 Security Tips to Secure Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a robust blogging and CMS platform powering over 70 million websites — from single blogs to large corporate portals. However, with growing popularity comes growing woes. WordPress security is always a challenge. Web-based malicious attacks had gone up by 81% last year and with WordPress being a very popular platform, it gets its fair […]

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WordPress Ping List for Faster Indexing [Updated]

Are you a Regular WordPress Blogger and looking for getting your new article indexed into to the Search Engines quickly for getting a good amount of new visitors? For that, this article is going to help you to make it possible very easily. WordPress Ping Lists are very useful and non-hectic method to take your […]

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