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Social Media Marketing Sins that Could Cost You an Arm and Leg, Really

People like to gloss over social media and there is a perception that the moment you flag off a social media campaign, it will drive hoards of traffic to your website. Ambition is good, it keeps us moving, but this is a clear case of romanticism. And there are some self-proclaimed SEM Gurus who are […]

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How To Generate More Fans On Facebook

Facebook is no more a mere social networking site– it has now gained the unique distinction of being an engine for channelizing web growth. Not only does it help various businesses connect with a diverse audience, but it also serves as a platform for planning collective activity and public events. More so, with competition shedding […]


The Potential of Text Message Marketing

Since the beginning of marketing, there have been technology innovations that have revolutionized the way we market products and services to others. In the 1990’s, it was e-mail. E-mail was so innovative for communication purposes that marketers saw its potential as being one of the most potent marketing tools to ever find its way on […]


How important is Competitor Research and Analysis for your blog?

Competitive research and analysis indeed forms a quintessential part of blog promotion. Not only does it provide you with a firsthand detail of your competitor’s performance but it also keeps you abreast of your comparative position. The vitality of it can be gauged by the simple fact that most search engine optimizer and online media technicians recommend […]

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Is English Your Forte? 3 Jobs That May Be Waiting for You On Your Local Craigslist

Many bloggers are most proficient is English related fields simply because they spend a lot of time reading and writing. If you’re looking for free lance work as a blogger and your spelling, grammar and general English skills are up to par there is likely work waiting for you on your local Craigslist. Here are […]