PopAds Review 2017

About my journey of $300 in 6 months

When I build my blog, I was worried about my earning, because my earning was zero that time. Although I had Adsense ads on my blog that time but my daily visitors was very low and no one was clicking on the ads. I needed such type of ads which gives money just my impression, I mean if someone visit my blog and I earn money.


I found then popads.net, I tried this advertisement network on my blog, I get positive results because when someone visit my blog and click anywhere on my blog, I received money. Most important thing is that in popads.net the ads never display on the blog like banner etc, they are hidden ads and opened in a new tab.

I had earned more than $300 in 6 months.  I have started my journey from 27-09-2015 and till today. If you are still confused and thinking that popads.net is legit or scam. Don’t worry I am here to remove your this confusion, you can check out my earning details that I have earned $291.85 plus in only 6 months.

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What is popads.net and popunder ads?

Popads.net is a popunder advertising network that provides popunder ads to the publisher and advertisers business/website with the help of pop-under advertisements.

Pop-under ads are those ads which automatically opened when someone click anywhere on your website. sometimes you visit any website and you click on anywhere on the website and you see that a new tab opened with ads, these types of ads are called popunder ads.

I personally recommend you to use this popunder advertising network.

Features of PopAds.net

Minimum payout is $5 only

YES! guys, in popunder you can get your payment when you reached at $5 in your account. There is $5 is no any big deal, so it can be used by everyone.

Payment is sent on the daily basis

The popads.net send payment on the daily basis, there is no any condition of NET30,NET7 etc. , to get your payment on the daily basis you have to require minimum $5 in your account, to get your payment ,you can send a payment request or you can manage auto setting.

Payment options

popads.net has good payment options these are

  • PayPal($5 minimum)
  • Payoneer($20 minimum)
  • Payza($5 minimum)
  • wire transfer($2,000 minimum)

High rate

popads.net gives very high rate in comparison to another popunder advertiser. It gives more than $3 rate. It means it gives $3 for 1000 impression. That is so high.

popads rate

Easy and fast verification

Website/blog verification of pop ads is very easy, it gives ads to blogspot.com also, and it verify website within 24 hours.

The referral program is good

In popads.net referral program, if your friend makes his account using your referral link , then you will get 10% of your friend’s  earning and this is for the lifetime, means endless earning.

Manage several website using single id

You can apply for several websites/ blogs using your single id.  The whole earning will add in your single account.

How to apply for popads.net?

  1. To apply for PopAds for your blog/website click here 
  2. fill up the form
    • if you want to get ads for your website then choose the publisher.
    • if you want to advertise your business/website choose advertiser
    • After making complete id, you can apply for several website
  3. To add different websites go to a new website and give the details of your site.
  4. After verifying of your website/blog, you will get a mail that your site is verified.
  5.  After verification, go to a website , select website and click on get the code(HTML code), copy it and place it on your website/blog.

That’s it now when someone click anywhere on your site, the popunder ads will open and you will get its credit.

How to send the request for payment manually 

This is the best facility of popads.net that you can send a request when you reached on minimum criteria, and you can send the request for payment daily, you will receive your payment as soon as possible.

To send the request for payment follow these simple steps

  • Login your id on popads.net
  • In account manager, you will see Billing option, click on that
  • Below make a Transaction, you will see withdraw option, click on that.
  • Select by which option you want to get your payment like PayPal etc, enter your PayPal id and click on withdraw.

That it you will receive your payment as soon as possible. (a time will show, within that time period you will receive your payment)

how to withdraw payment - PopAds

How to set Auto Withdrawal Settings 

In auto Withdrawal Settings you can set criteria for your payment. After reaching that criterion, they will send your payment automatic after set this auto setting for payment you will no need to send a payment request manually.

  • Go to billing option in account manager.
  • Click on auto withdrawal settings
  • It will ask method like PayPal,Payoneer etc. select as your choice.
  • After that, it will ask for
    • Threshold(minimum balance after that they will send your payment).
    • Amount (select threshold or according to your choice)
    • Frequency (select you to want to get your payment on daily basis or weekly or monthly)
    • Account( give your account by which you want to receive your payment like PayPal account)
    • after giving these details click on SAVE.

How to add more than one website?

In popads.net you can add more than one website it means you can display ads on several websites using a single popAds account, but keep it in mind that you have to apply to each website separately to popads.net, they will review your applied blog and after approval. They will provide unique HTML code for a particular website.

To apply for new website follow these steps

  1. login your Popads id
  2. Click on the NEW website in Publisher’s Panel.
  3. Provide the details of the new website like URL,description,category, and which type of ads do you want to display by your blog.
  4. After giving this information click on Add website

Your website will send for review after approval you will receive an email. now you can get HTML code of your website and paste it in your website.

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I hope you will enjoy this article. Start making money now 🙂 . Please comment below if you have any question and also let me know which Ad network you are using.

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