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Scribe SEO Review – Content Marketing Tool

Scribe SEO is an “all-in-one” style search engine optimization tool available as a WordPress plugin. It strives to make content marketing easier by giving you three key tools: a Keyword Research tool, a Content Optimizer, and a Link Building tool. It is primarily for on-page SEO, but it touches upon off-page SEO with the Link Building tool. The Professional plan, currently their least expensive plan, is $97 per month. Other plans include an Agency plan for $247 per month, and custom plans which vary, but allow API integration for developers.

Keyword Research

Playing around with the keyword research tool is interesting. You can plug in the keywords that you wish to optimize for, and the tool will provide additional suggestions and score your use of that keyword. Like any good keyword research tool, it will help you discover related terms that your intended audience is searching for. You can see how often these terms are searched, as well as how competitive they are – obviously you are especially looking for cases of high search volume and low competition.

Keyword Research.

Another interesting aspect of this is the demographic and Google Insights data it presents for individual keywords, helping you to determine if the keyword actually suits your target audience. Other tabs let you see in real time the social buzz surrounding these keywords on Twitter and Google+.

Content Optimizer

The Content Optimizer is the meat of this program, and probably what you came here to read about. The most basic plan currently runs for $97 a month and with that you get 300 evaluations. Scribe themselves say that this will be enough for 75-100 pages or posts per month, evaluating a page 3-5 times; you may find that these go especially quickly at first while you are still getting the hang of the plugin. Scribe SEO will process your page or blog post and score it out of 100, then giving you suggestions for improvement. These improvements might have to do with the post title, or the frequency with which you use keywords; it can even tell you if you’re overdoing it, which I thought was interesting.

 Content Optimizer.

This tool did play into my OCD tendencies a bit – I found that I wanted to get the post as close to 100 as I could make it, and that did lead to me using up quite a few of my evaluations. Maybe you won’t feel the same compulsion.

Link Building

The Link Building tool seems to be a newer feature of Scribe SEO, and as such it is not as developed as the other two. The basic idea is that the tool suggests other bloggers and social influencers who might be interested in what you are doing, and then you can reach out to them. Perhaps you can get them to share your content with their followers, or perhaps you can guest post for their blogs. The tool claims to be able to grab contact information “with a single click,” but I found that this was not always working for me as well as I had hoped, and I still would have had to visit the sites to find a contact method.

You might play around with this tool, but I don’t think it’s one of Scribe’s stronger features. You’re probably better off relying on Scribe for your on-site SEO, and finding other ways to build links.


Scribe SEO seems like it could be a very useful tool for a blogger wishing to focus more on writing blog posts than figuring out on-page SEO best practices. It certainly made a number of improvements to my copy as far as keyword inclusion was concerned. However, as someone who blogs casually, the $97 monthly price tag is a little hard to swallow, especially considering that most of these tools are available individually elsewhere online for free. Scribe SEO itself is a luxury – gathering these into a nice dashboard with some added designy elements and a scoring system, but that convenience comes at a cost.

Scribe SEO

Paying over $1000 per year for an SEO service that only really helps on-page SEO is out of any kind of budget I can imagine for an individual blogger or webmaster who isn’t making a very comfortable income off their site already. However, there are a few situations I can see this being conceivable:

  • Scribe SEO could take some of the stress out of optimizing every single post for a high-volume blog that posts more than twice a day.
  • Businesses with a corporate blog solely for content marketing purposes will find this tool valuable if they are doing it on their own and don’t have the budget to hire an SEO company.
  • An affiliate marketer who is already managing several profitable niche blogs may find that this tool helps them rank higher in searches and save enough time to, say, create more blogs.
  • A web design company without an SEO on staff could use this tool to provide on-page SEO to their clients.

Some Free Alternatives

By all means, if you are in one of the situations outlined above, or if you have the money, go for it – it is a really nice tool and does what you need it to. There’s also a free one month trial available, so it doesn’t hurt to try it! You need to remember that Scribe only really does on-page SEO, so if you are looking for a well-rounded approach to market your website you might be better off seeking professional SEO services. However, if you’re on more of a shoestring budget, here are some tools around the web that will help you get the job done for free:

Take Scribe On A Risk-Free Test Drive

Have you tried Scribe SEO? What did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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