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The secrets behind Ghostwriting

Ghostwriters are usually hired by experts, who have ideas, but no writing skills. These experts hire a ghostwriter to write for them. Ghostwriters either have to write a book, or have to write an article, press-release, etc. The demand of a ghost writer is very high. So, if you have great writing skills, you can consider ghost writing profession to make a good living.

The task of a ghost writer is not the same; there are some common varieties in a ghostwriter’s work.

  • Anonymous sales letters, pages, or articles:

Someone (usually a business representative, CEO of a company) hires you to write articles, sales letters and pages to sell their product. As a ghost writer, you have to research about the product, company and their intention to sell the product in the market.

  • Expert’s ideas and words:

Someone may want to hire you to write articles or a book based on their ideas and words. You may have to listen to them very carefully and turn them into content. Or, you may have to get their rough draft and clean up the draft to be prepared for publishing.

  • Expert’s ideas and your words:

In this case, someone will pay you for writing on their outline or transcript. You need to do extensive research and make a final draft. They may take your final draft or ask you to make substantial changes.

  • Your ideas and your words:

In this scenario, someone may want to hire you to come up with self ideas, create outlines for them and writer articles or book. They just approve your work, nothing else.


Disadvantages of Ghostwriting:

Though, Ghost writing is an honorable profession, it has some disadvantages. You can make money by ghostwriting, since the demand of quality content is very high both online and offline. If you have already built a better portfolio by ghostwriting, you may have faces following problems.

  • Others may take advantage of you:

Someone used to say that a freelance ghost writer may not have the experience to negotiate a good fee. That is why; your clients may ask for little payment for your work. But, do they really know writing high quality content is totally difficult? Maybe they know it, but they are not willing to pay you a good fee for your work.

  • Your client may not refer you to other clients:

Though you have done a good job for your previous clients, they may not refer you other clients. However, this is totally depending on your clients. If your client is friendly, generous, they will share your contact information to others to use your ghostwriting service. On the hand, if your clients are busy with their business affairs, they may forget to recommend your service even if you have done a great job for these clients.

  • You can’t enrich your own portfolio:

Being ghostwrite will prevent you to build your own expertise. You cannot enrich your portfolio for the confidentiality terms. Though, the demand for high quality content is high, you can make handsome money with your ghostwriting. When it is about your expertise or portfolio, you cannot show them as you are bound not to reveal your works to others.

If you are a new ghostwriter and want to gather experience on ghostwriting, you may have to face various problems on your way. Don’t be frustrated; listen to your own mind. Be sure about your intention. If your intention is just making money, then the good news for you that you can make a substantial amount of money through this profession. If your intention is building your own fame, then consider writing your own books, building your own website, contributing your own articles in different newspapers or magazines.

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