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SEMRush Review: SEM Tool for Competitor Keyword Research

SEM Rush being the best professional tool for today’s SEO Researchers has got a good set of features over the other. SEMRush has proved its top quality role in competitor research for SEO which goes in-depth analyzing the Google Adwords. On proceeding with the SEMRush research, it is out in the lime lights on the competition search of various Google countries.

SEMRush with its outstanding has grasped a remarkable position in the place of online marketing that helps one to learn more stuff on how to maximize Google traffic implementing the right sense of analysis terms in the keyword research and competition analysis to increase the traffic. It’s obvious that most of the online marketing tools today extend its workability over keyword research but SEMRush has got a keen idea on how to relate data over other commercial value evaluating along with keyword reports.

It gives you clear information on the following..

  • How the competitors get ranked.
  • The ads being run by the competitors and its budget
  • Value of the ads.
  • Competitor’s details on competing level.
  • Traffic rates for ads and keywords.

Keyword research

With the help of SEMRush one can find the related keywords and phrases that match your keywords. You can also fetch information on a particular keyword which you wanted to analyze. You can get particulars on three different factors namely main keyword report, phrase match report and related keywords report.


Main Keywords report:

Main Keywords report gets you detailed analysis on the keywords with instant info on the volume, CPC, competition, results and the Trends.

Phrase match report:

Phrase match report fetch you a detailed report on an excel sheet that deals with the keywords phrases listed as results detailing the Volume, CPC, competition, results and the trends.

Related keywords report:

Related keywords report gets you detailed info on the keywords that are associated to the main keyword with same detailed report.

You also get a in depth information on an organic result that details all about the keyword position, volume, CPC, URL, traffic %, Cost %, competition, results and the trend details for a complete analysis on the keywords and their role in the Website maintenance and promotion of site PR. Competition in the organic search and also Google Adwords reports are displayed for your reference.  With the resulting report you can get the best keywords that can help you optimize your site, you are sure of doing a simple keyword analysis and fetch the right domain with respect to your competitor and relevant keywords.


What does SEMRush give you?

Overview of the SEMRush gives you intense information on the complete overview report that gets you idea on Google keywords, Adwords keywords analysis, Competition check in Adwords and Google, and also they get you apt information on the Adwords ads text and info on potential Ads.

You can check out for in-depth keyword and evaluate competitor domain data and the CPC value which depends on the keyword ranking value. A normal tool kit has a drawback of limited integration features but there is no limitation over users in SEMRush as they offer you a lesser integration with low subscription fee.

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