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I’ll be the first to admit, managing multiple social media accounts is hard. Whether you’re a marketer performing social media for multiple clients, or a business trying to manage it in-house, there never seems to be enough time in the day. Where do you find the time to respond to those who engage with you, let alone try to actively build a thriving community?

This is where SocialMotus comes in handy. SocialMotus is the ideal social management platform for businesses. With its combination of user-friendly navigation and its power pack feature list, it’s a great option for anyone who is serious about social management. More specifically, it is the only management tool in its low price range (from $9.99 per month for pro versions) to offer conversion tracking features so users know exactly how their post has helped with sales, downloads, signups and so on.

Here is an overview of the features you can expect:

Managing followers

Simply following Twitter users isn’t enough to build a thriving community, particularly when your tweets have to compete with the hundreds of other tweets in a user’s feed.

SocialMotus divides Twitter users into two different tabs to let you manage those you’re following and your followers. It then lets you filter users into different categories from those who are following you and those who aren’t. You can also filter it to see followers or non-followers only. On the right hand side, you’ll quickly be able to see whether they are top influencers or the most active users.

Managing Followers

This section makes it easy to follow or unfollow those who are or aren’t valuable for your community, as well as quickly engage with top influencers who help spread the word about my brands.

Discover leads

A lot of following tools are quite basic, only showing you a list of users based on a simple keyword search. SocialMotus includes this but also takes this one step further. Here you can filter users by:

  1. “You can find users who follow someone similar to you
  2. You can find list owners who have added someone similar to you to their Twitter lists
  3. You can find users who retweet someone similar to you”.

Keyword Search

Then narrow down the results using the advanced search filter. For example, you can specify the keywords the user’s twitter bio needs to contain to appear so you can target niche audiences.

Now you simply follow anyone you feel can become a valuable part of your community.

Discover Leads


Using the second option, I’ve been able to grow our Twitter following to over 1000 over a short period and get added to twice as many list as our competitors!


SocialMotus makes delivering your social messages easy, with rich media integration into its posting suite.


Moreover, it lets you schedule posts once off, periodically (Great for promotions, blog posts or anything important you want to post multiple times for) or through ‘autoschedule’.

Autoschedule queues your messages to be delivered at optimal times when the most number of your followers and fans will read it. While there have been many Twitter tools offering an optimal timing scheduler, SocialMotus is the first to let users specify the exact day of the week they want it posted on.

This means you can queue much more targeted messages. For example, if Sunday is the last day of a sales promotion, you can queue a message to be sent to on Saturday so SocialMotus automatically sends it at the optimal time on Saturday.



SocialMotus lets you quickly monitor important conversations on Twitter and Facebook based on keywords you specify. Better yet, it lets you group your keywords to monitor by topic and then exclude any keywords you don’t want to show up.


Using SociaMotus, you can reply, retweet, archive, add a note to the message or simply assign it to someone else by clicking the ‘Assign’ option within each message. If you need more information on a user or want to follow them, simply hover over their username.


Engagement dashboard

Engagement Dashboard

SocialMotus brings you all your engagements in this neat engagement inbox. You can view your engagements in one dashboard in columns, or click on the left hand side tab to view engagements. Here you can:

  • Filter each engagement type by keywords so can view only messages that have that specific keyword
  • Hover over the username to discover more information about the user.
  • Follow the user
  • Reply, archive, assign or leave a note about the message

Priority messages

Rather than a simple engagement dashboard, SocialMotus filters through large volumes of conversations to bring the most urgent messages to your attention.

You simply need to set up priority keywords such as ‘support’, ‘help’ etc and when Twitter and Facebook messages directed at your account contain these keywords they’ll be placed in a special ‘priority inbox’.

Now members of our support team don’t have to waste team filtering through all our engagements to view support messages. They just log into SocialMotus and go directly to the priority inbox.

Priority Messages
Publish Statistics

You can easily track your post statistics using SocialMotus. Along with the usual statistics you see in other tools such as clicks, shares and reach, you will also be able to see how many of these clicks were generated by real people vs. robots.

Publish Statistics

Twitter/Facebook Insights

Here you have a complete overview of your social progress at a glance for all Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can quickly see how you’re your accounts have been performing.

 Twitter Insights

To see individual engagements graphed over time, just click inside the box with the engagement you want to see. For example, in the image above, I clicked on the ‘Followers’ box as highlighted by the red box so SocialMotus shows me a graph of my total follower growth across all my Twitter accounts.

Scroll further down the page and you’ll be able to see additional information:

  • Countries where most engagement occurs
  • The browser used when people clicked on the link in your post (and subsequently how many robots clicked on the link)
  • What days the most clicks and least clicks occurred
  • The posts that received the most clicks

Tracking campaigns

Tracking campaigns let you see how your social media messages sent through SocialMotus help with marketing objectives such as visitors, signups etc.

All you need to do is create your campaign, add the unique tracking code to the web pages you want to track. Then when you assign any message sent through SocialMotus to a specific tracking campaign, making sure you include a link to the webpage in your Twitter tweet or Facebook post. SocialMotus will then aggregate the results of all the posts within each campaign. Now you can see exactly how your social media campaigns have helped.


SocialMotus is a social media platform packed with powerful features, functions and tools. Whether you are an individual user or a large company managing social media, SocialMotus offers affordable, yet high level options for anyone on a budget.

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SocialMotus offers a free version and an affordable introductory pricing structure starting from $9.99 per month for single users and $59.99 for up to 5 users. You can create a free account at

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