ThemeFuse Review – Premium WordPress Themes

themefuse review
ThemeFuse Premium WordPress Themes are WordPress themes that are created to provide users with easy-to-use interface.

The themes are customized with built-in extensions and options that work together in harmony. Developing your themes with Unyson has been made simple and more relaxing.

These themes are regarded as the most powerful tools for end users since they have tons of customized options. If you obtain the ThemeFuse WordPress themes, your users will love to drag and drop the page builder to create more customized colorful pages.

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Why Use ThemeFuse Premium WordPress Themes?

If you need excellent themes of your WordPress, then you must try the ThemeFuse Premium WordPress Themes.

The following advantages of ThemeFuse Themes provide you with reasons why you need to use the themes in order to make your website better.

  • Eye Catchy Designs– The premium WordPress themes come with eye catchy designs that are colorful, and have perfect pixels. The developers are working on providing you with the best WordPress premium themes.
  • Easy Customization– Do you need simple to customize pages? Premium themes for WordPress are the best option for you. WordPress themes come with functions and features that seem simple but powerful.

The themes allow you to change colors as well as backgrounds directly from your admin page. The personalization allows you to access varied selections of ThemeFuse Premium WordPress Themes.

  • Free Test– WordPress developers understand that you need to try the premium themes before making a purchase. This is why the comprehensive TestLabs allows you to try each theme at zero cost for 14 days. After this period, you will be able to decide which theme works for you.
  • Exclusive Customer Care– Premium products deserve premium care. This is why WordPress gives you premium customer care after purchasing the premium themes. You will get instant help from highly experienced support team and extensive docs.

Apart from the above benefits, you also get a theme, hosting and domain services just by purchasing a premium theme for your wordpress. You get more than you pay for.

ThemeFuse WordPress Themes


Exposure Demo


Collective Demo


Philanthropy Demo


The Flavour Demo


The Muse Demo

Tapptastic Demo

NewsSetter Demo
Medica Demo

KiddoTurf Demo
Interakt Demo
GamesZone Demo
Evangelist Demo

Conexus Demo

Is There Any Disadvantage?

It is worth noting that the ThemeFuse premium themes are only available for trial for 14 days after which you must make a purchase.

What Is The Costs?

It is not wrong to think that obtaining the most colorful and highly customized themes for your WordPress may cost you a lot. However, you should not even think of any costs. This feature is free. All you are required to do is to download the Unyson WordPress Framework and begin right away to develop your advanced themes.

The developers also provide unlimited help whenever you need it through extensive docs and support.  Multiple tools are designed to offer you help. They include the developer manuals and end-user docs.

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Unyson Framework: Best WordPress Page Builder

Best Features For Unyson Framework

Unyson WordPress Framework plug-in is designed to be the backbone of your wordpress theme. Most of the features of your theme depend heavily on this tool. This wonderful product for WordPress comes with great features that have made it exceptional from other products of similar kind.

Unyson Framework

The features of Unyson includes

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder– This feature helps to created unlimited pages using content and media shortcodes. It is a fully-fledged gar & drop page extension.


  • Content Demo Install– This is an extension that allows your users to install theme contents just as they are displayed on your theme demo site.
  • Option Types– Unyson comes with more than 20 view option types, which make it easy for you to create tabs boxes and to create inputs for your admin pages.
  • Styling– This extension helps you to customize the appearance of the front elements and gives a simplified preview of the of admin page.
  • Dynamic Sidebars– This feature helps your users to customize your WordPress pages using dynamic sidebars. They can create different sidebars on different pages.


  • Mega Menus– The mega menu is an extension that allows your users to build advanced navigations using multiple options.


  • Backup– This feature allows your users to create backups directly from WordPress admin and can also set up backup schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly)


  • Easy Sliders– Sliders that support images and videos and are easy to implement are included in the Unyson framework.


  • SEO Options– These are advanced SEO modules that allow your users and clients to have access to SEO settings with ease.


  • Navigation Tool– This is a breadcrumb navigation tool that allows you to navigate your website faster and easily.
  • Event Extension– It has a calendar and map short codes with a live demo preview.


  • Portfolio– This is a module that comes with neat filtering animations of your portfolio


  • Feedback– This extension provides an option for users to give reviews and ratings for your events and projects hence facilitating user and owner engagements


  • Widgets– This extension you with custom widgets that are updated regularly
  • Custom forms– This contains a contact form that works as the page builder.

Get It Free!

The WordPress Unyson WordPress Framework is available for download it at zero cost from wordpress.org. The procedures for download are simple with free access to extensive developer documentation. You can download the here

 Do You Need Help?

Comprehensive video tutorials are available at providing details on how to use the contact form as well as other built-in extensions to ensure that you do not have a difficulty using them.

Get future Themes By Joining Memberships

Do you need memberships with any of the developers and studios? Do not worry since yearly membership programs with web developers as well as web studios that require constant access are available. This membership allows you to access new themes more regularly.

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Final Verdict:

Try the WordPress premium themes on your website and begin to enjoy the premium looks around your site. You will not regret anything about this amazing WordPress designs.

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