Thrive Content Builder Review 2018 – Super Charge your Conversion

thrive themes review

Here we are going to depict a thorough look at Thrive Content Builder, which are simple to use themes and page formation for non-tech-savvy people. And they have a spotlight on lofty converting websites too. So more patrons for everybody. Have you ever required to have a remarkable looking website, or make an effortless alteration, but just did not have the technological understanding to accomplish it? Then  Thrive Content Builder could be the ideal one for you. Thrive Themes is an elegant contrivance for constructing a method of making a WordPress Websites that brings an overwhelming design into anyone’s hands. Their effortless to employ drag and drop content builder and the coolest list of content elements that aids anybody to make modish designs with a focus on advertising.

There are Three major Section:

1. Thrive Themes
2. Thrive Content Builder
3. Thirve Landing Pages

Thrive Content Builder & WP Themes Review

Thrive Themes presently come with TEN flat designs which are set for you to use. If you desire impressive good looking and paying attention to getting you patrons, then this is a great approach to go. But there are previously some elegant WordPress themes out there in the marketplace, so why is Thrive Content Builder Themes is unusual?

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Top Reasons Thrive Content Builder  Themes Are the Cut over the Rest

Their spotlight is on conversion, which leads to offer you the paying patrons. And pretty forthrightly this is what your website should be about. Structuring a fastidious website is a grand start, but getting clientele are a major concern.

There is also a number of webinar footage in the member’s region. These webinars cover the area such as building an exchange focused website, receiving the most out of the Thrive Content Builder designer, and building a lead creation landing page.

Check out the unique Feature of Thrive Content Builder themes

  • Construct for Speed
    Perfect coding & Caring that goes all the way from the design to the features in the themes make it the greatest, most speeds optimized themes obtainable anywhere.
  • Thrive Content Builder  is a highly Conversion Friendly 
    Add targeted spotlight Areas that demonstrate the recommend visitors which are pertinent to your business. And the outcome is, you will obtain more clicks, more deals. Or employ the integral opt-in feature to nurture your mailing list quicker than ever.
  • Designed for User commitment and Readability
    Thrive Content Builder are intended to put your content in the best light possible, with grand readability, a cautious alternative of fonts and colors and elegant, conversion focused rudiments similar to countdown timers and click to call phone numbers.

thirve theme performance

  • Customizable for Your Personage Requirements
    Select from over 600 fonts, set conventional colors for a range of page essentials, select from numerous header layouts and much more to turn our themes into the ideal cohort for your trade.
  • Easy Page originator
    Generate trial sales pages, opt-in pages, lawful pages and more with just a little clicks. The Thrive Content Builder Page Generator is the greatest way to go from zero to an entirely featured, conversion focused website.
  • Landing Page Templates
    Each Thrive Content Builder  Theme comes with a landing Page template, a page that eliminates header steering links, sidebars and everything that could divert a visitor. This is the sort of page template that is a verified conversion inoculation and is ideal for vending pages and opts in pages.
  • Completely Mobile Responsive
    Your proposed site will seem great on any appliance, at any screen dimension, while using a Thrive Theme & Thrive Content Builder. You go the additional mile and have column layouts that resize stately, icons that scale to whichever dimension and responsive font sizes. Continuous Updates, Improvements, and New Release Subsequent to the first opening, their team of first class developers unconfined 20 main novel quality updates and discharges beside 29 slight releases with enhancement, repairs, and tweaks. Their themes and plugins are continuously civilizing and the compilation of themes and plugins is progressively increasing.

We all are familiar with that too many plugins sluggish a site. In Thrive Themes, you’ll discover especially lean, speed optimized features that reinstate emblematic plugins such as a social allotment feature, connected posts feature and optimized image galleries, a font administrator and more.
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Maintenance and Documentation & Tutorials

While you buy this plugin you will accept one year of support, and as a Thrive Content Builder   Themes buyer, you also get admittance the online lesson, information base, and support forums.

Most of the features of the designer are recognized using the video walkthroughs. These small videos wrap the individual features of the plugin, serving you to both get started and then appreciate the most superior features of the Thrive Content designer.

As a Thrive Themes member, you get admittance to our information base and an extensive range of lesson and video lesson, to respond any query you may have about using the products. But there’s more than this, you will also get obliging maintenance staff prepared to offer you a hand. In addition, you’ll be asked to training webinars, which go ahead of just how to employ the products and educate you how to construct a truthfully effectual website.

Thrive Themes Built-in Features

Thrive Themes stand out since of their lead generation focus and integral features. So you also obtain most of the belongings you require in a WordPress website built in, and also have to load a bunch fewer plugins.

For instance, Thrives Themes have the following features:

  • Integral Mobile Responsive Google Fonts Icon Library
  • Image Optimizer
  • Interrelated Posts, Galleries, Social distribution (usually need plugins)

Thrive Themes expenses and Pricing

The Thrive Themes squad has divided  their cost so that you can merely grasp the theme you prefer  via the Theme outline page, and everyone is $49 for a particular site and all themes and plugins Just $149

Or you can grasp their association and get admittance to all themes, and plugins.

Thrive Content Builder:
Alter all your Pages devoid of Technical facts

Thrive Content Builder review

A great buddy to the Thrive Themes is their Thrive Content Builder which permits you to effortlessly alter or include content to your proposed pages or posts.

So not only are we chatting an easy drag and drop editor with an enormous alternative of integral essentials, but also a stage of detail and alternatives that will persuade any developer.

What that means is that you can obtain a Theme you prefer, but is not ideal and pinch and alter it to your precise needs. And all devoid of a developer on board.

How precisely this works and what you can perform with it, I will go over below since you can also purchase the Content designer as a plugin.

The most useful fixation about the Thrive Content builder designer is that it is easy to drag and drop style editor. So you can just select what you desire to employ, put it where you like it. And then revise it to your hearts content.

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Major Features of Thrive Content Builder

What that really means is that you, in fact, get to observe how it looks LIVE. That is genuine WYSIWYG. No more conjecture.

As you insert your essentials, they are revealed on the page. And that is how it appears. No more appetizer, regulate, shift, preview. It’s all there. It makes WordPress somewhat it never was, a pleasurable place to form and alter pages and posts.
The Menu along with Editor.On the right is what the component menu looks like. It takes a seat on the right of every page or post you make.

So this is forever present while you are altering your post/page and you can select what you desire to append to your content.

Each component on the page comes with an editor to pinch or alter it.

What Elements are Available?

thrive theme buttonThrive Content Builder   has a gigantic list of rudiments you can include to your page such as:

  • Text
  • Buttons
  • images
  • columns
  • Dividers
  • Tables
  • Grids
  • Tabs

Those are most of the essential belongings you would anticipate from such an editor.


  • Option Form
    Simply attach to your email advertising service and insert options forms someplace.
  • Testimonial Box
    Implant 3 dissimilar modes of testimonials on your pages.
  • Credit Card Icons
    Put these icons close to your buy button to illustrate what you recognize
  • Click On Tweet Box
    Implant inside your content to obtain additional tweets on your posts.
  • Call To Action Box
    A grand way to emphasize a call to act with a title and text, then the definite Call To Action Button.
  • Google Map
    Implant a Google Map anyplace on your site
  • Guarantee Box
    Ensure your patrons know what you assure.


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Thrive Content Builder Landing Pages

thrive themes landing page review

The Thrive Content designer also comes with over 100 landing pages you can choose from and employ to generate any page on your site. I am trying it out as a substitute to my LeadPages. What I actually love is that I can accomplish it right in WordPress, and actually modify each single component.
They even permit you to generate your individual templates based on the landing pages you have altered. So you can construct your own masterwork and employ them as the basis for your additional landing pages too.

Popups and Event administrator
The Thrive Themes squad have the extra willingly valuable set of features using popups and event administration. Sounds a bit multifaceted I know, but let me clarify.

What it means is that you can append popups to images or buttons and acquire options anyplace on your website.

Outlet Popups  Catch Visitors as they depart
A very useful way to make your email list is by using outlet Popups, which unbolt while the user is about to depart the page.

Thrive Content Builder also has this as an alternative, so you can append these to your pages as well.

The newest version of the plugin has a fresh alternative next to the save/redo/undo buttons that open a Page Event Administrator, Which means effects you desire to occur on the page/post.

Timed Popups  unlock Popups while You Want
One more alternative you have on page level is to append a Timed Popup, that opens subsequent to a precise amount of time, as an alternative of exit.

This is extremely analogous to the course above, exit you select the Trigger

How About Animation!  Other Triggers and Actions

The event administrator is in fact pretty cool and fairly influential, so I required to state the other belongings you can do with it.

As far as triggers go, you can really get things to occur based on three triggers:

  • Click
  • Element enters Viewport
  • Mouseover

So you could find a popup to emerge at a definite point on the page, or on mouseover. Though this stuff is not that widespread.

What supplementary events do we have then?  Animation.

You can shift rudiments on/off the screen, fade in/out and so on. So you could:

  • carry an option form while the user gets to the base of the page
  • have a button animate a definite way to make it more palpable, like a call to action

Ultimate Words

The Thrive  Themes or just the Thrive Content Builder designer only is awfully influential and simple to use.

There is hence much you can do with the paraphernalia the Thrive team have prepared it actually is fairly inspiring.

From my viewpoint, the following are the main causeS you would employ them:

  • Focus on lead creation – so receiving more leads and clientele
  • easy to use drag and drop with a huge library of rudiments.
  • Landing pages and popups features that equal or beat any contrivance in the marketplace right now


  • Simple to utilize page builder.
  • Dazzling contemporary designs with conversion focus
  • Landing pages for any reason obtainable and simple to revise
  • Alternative popups with numerous options.


  • Just for WordPress
  • Harder to insert elements to old posts or pages


The Thrive Content Builder does a cool job of positioning apart from numerous of the other WordPress page builders that are obtainable nowadays.

The detail that it works on both posts and pages and the all significant capabilities to permit you to revise content inline on the front end of your proposed website, which makes it exceedingly helpful and instinctive to employ.

The huge number of pages rudiments that you can drag and drop into your conventional layouts means you can employ this Thrive Content Builder plugin to make a type of website content. Also, as you can then alter the rudiments that you insert to your posts and pages, you actually can personalize your formation to offer them an individual twist.

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