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Top 5 Sites that Pay You Up-Front for Your Writings

If you are an article write, you may have already known that “Freelance Writing” is one of the best ways to earn money from everywhere of the world. There are many freelance marketplaces for a freelance writer, including Elance, Freelancer, oDesk etc. You can contribute your articles into different categories, such as Article Writing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Web Content Writing, Technical Writing, Blog Writing etc.

I know two ways to earn money through writing. One is working for clients in different freelancing market. And the other one is publishing/submitting your articles on a different website. Of course, the first option needs lots of hard works and patience to earn continuously from the freelance market. You must have a very good portfolio of these freelance sites to get continuous work from the clients. Fortunately, the second option is much easier for the newbie to expert article writers. You just have to write quality articles on your preferred and most-known topics, and submit them into their websites. Of course, you will be paid instantly for you quality articles on their sites.

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As an article writer, I also have searched for different websites that will pay me for my every article. I like to be paid up front. If you like to get up front payment for your articles, you can check my below list of sites. All of these sites are ready to pay you instantly for your quality articles. Let’s check the list of top 5 sites that will pay you upfront for your writings.

  1. Yahoo! Voices

Really, Yahoo! Voices is one of the best platforms for a writer to be paid instantly for their writing. Yahoo! Contributor Network will allow you to share your knowledge and ideas with millions of people of the world. So, find your article readers and make money by writing and submitting your unique and informative articles on Yahoo! Voices and other sites of Yahoo. There is no limitation in choosing your writing topics. This site will pay your up-front for your articles, assignments. Moreover, when your work receives huge traffic, you can earn more for your performance bonuses.


Almost all of the writers know about the It is a popular site, which has about 55 millions of visitors. There are millions of articles available in that site. If you want, you can also be a topic-writer for Just write quality and resourceful articles to be approved in If they receive your articles, you will be paid by the site owners. Remember, gives the highest payment to the expert writers.

  1. eCopywriters

If you are a professional copywriter, you can consider this site as your only earning source. Usually, eCopywriters hires professional copywriters to assist their clients to write up quality content. eCopywriters pays up to $25 for a basic writing project. Writers are divided into many sections based on their writing quality. An expert and top level writer can earn about $0.30 for per word. There are various categories in which you can write up. Some of the popular categories of eCopywriters are SEO Content, Press Releases, Sales Letters, and content for TV & Radio Commercials, Blogs, Ads, Business Letters and more.

  1. Online Writing Jobs (Also known as “QualityGal”)

It is a content provider company that is dedicated to meeting all clients’ requirements. The company is hiring quality content creators from all over the world. QualityGal offer the highest quality SEO content for their clients. So, if you want to join in “Online Writing Jobs”, you should have the ability to write quality SEO contents. You will be paid at least $12 for each of the articles, which also may rise to $50 for per article. The rate of the articles depends on the quality. Once the website accepts your article, you will be paid weekly via PayPal or check.

  1. iWriter

This is also a popular site both for the writers and readers. The registration process is totally free with iWriter. If any of your articles is approved by iWriter, they will pay you up to $15 for your every article through PayPal. A writer can choose their preferred topics to write for iWriter. Moreover, you can submit unlimited articles on iWriter as a writer.

Though there are many sites that pay for articles/content/blog posts, but you should be dedicated and patient. Don’t forget about the article quality. If you think that you have the proper skill to write, be sure that you can generate good income from the above listed sites.

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