Best free blog sites Free Blog Hosting Websites

The path to blogging was paved when people started digitalizing their diaries.

Maintaining and updating their diaries online was just an interesting hobby but it has evolved as blogging.

Today, blogging has become one of the most popular hobbies of people around the world.

Every blogger wants his blogs to be read by others and also wants to read quality blogs to improve his writing and get new ideas.

There are many websites which offer free blog hosting services.

However, not all the sites help bloggers develop a good readership. I’ve written about some of the most popular websites which offer free blog hosting services.

1. blogger.com

Blogger is a widely known website where you can post your blogs for free. It is a part of your Google account and you just need to have a Gmail id to make use of this service. You can customize the layout of your blogs and add pictures easily. It is available in almost 50 languages, inviting more people around the world to post their blogs. Language is no more a barrier to share your ideas with others. You can add your location to your posts through geotagging.

2. wordpress.com

This is one of the most used blogging sites which also offer website building tools for free.

You can attach images, audio and video files to your blogs.

It provides a dashboard in about 50 languages and about 190 themes to choose from.

Posting blogs while traveling is very easy as you can download WordPress apps on your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices.

Its database of about 18,000 plug-ins makes it the most desirable blogging site. As it supports tagging of articles, one blog can be tagged in different groups to make other blogs more informative.


3. hubpages.com

Blogs are called as Hubs and bloggers are called as Hubbers on this site.

In addition to blogging, you can also take part in forum discussions and learn from others. Hubbers can also earn money by writing information rich content.

If your Hubs attract traffic from search engines, you can earn money from advertising sites.

Hubbers can also improve their writing skills by taking part in Learning Center activities, contests, HubChallenges, and the Weekly Topic Inspiration program. This makes HubPages not only a useful site but also a helpful site.

4. xanga.com

It is another popular site for blogging. You can also engage in social networking on this site.

Weblogs, videoblogs, audioblogs and photoblogs can be shared easily.

You can also join groups called blogrings to share your ideas. A noteworthy feature is the Pulse, which are mini blogs that can be uploaded using a cell phone. This is an excellent site to post your mobile blogs.

 5. livejournal.com

LiveJournal is available in 32 languages.

Each blog has its own web page with space for comments from other users. While there are good features for free users, paid users have special privileges like using voice posts.

Voice posts can be published just by calling into the system and recording the blog as an audio message.

The accounts are highly customizable which has been made easier by the S2 programming language.

Each of these blogging platforms offers unique services that make bloggers to continue blogging.

You can post as many blogs as you would like to without spending a penny.

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