10 Top Google Chrome Extensions to Install Right Now

Chrome is one of the top and best Web Browser because of its uncountable Extension which adds extra flavor to it.

Google Chrome Extensions are the great way to add more feature to your Google Chrome Browser.

Using Right Extension can help you being focused and save your time. For those who can’t choose which extension they need, I created this list of Top Extension for Chrome which can help blogger do and save a lot.


Top Ten Chrome Extensions List:

1. Split Screen

However, I won’t recommend Multitasking to my fellow bloggers but for those do’s and when you really need to do it, this extension could save a lot of time and efforts. It will split the same windows into two part. Then, you can use it according to your way for ex:

  1. Use one for Learning HTML on YouTube and another for HTML Decoder online.
  2. Use one for Chatting with friends on Facebook and another for Working.

Link to WebStore

2. Remind Me

If you get lost in the world of blogging and Writing this Extension will rescue you every time. It will simply show a small pop-up add side for some seconds, enough for reminding you.

It is one of the most productive tools which is a game changer. You can use it to remind you of meeting, shopping, Post Writing or in whatever way you want.

Link to WebStore

3. Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

It is the best To-dos app (extension) ever made. The simplest way to manage to-dos and get more productive than before. You can add to-dos in just one click and manage them from all of your devices such as PC, Mobile and Tablet. You can easily manage them from the web.

Link to WebStore and Website

Alternate (Bonus): TickTick , Link to Webstore

4. Save to Pocket

Pocket is one of the best tools which helps to save webpages and read them later. Whenever you found something on the internet to view later, save it chrome and you can view it even when you are offline using sync in mobiles and tabs. You can save any web page and pocket will save it and sync across all of your devices.

You can manage and edit you pocket data on the Web using theonline app.

Link to WebStore and Website

5. Infinity New Tab

Infinity New Tab creates a very fantastical looking sweet and easy to use interface new tab where you can add all of your apps and use itsbuilt-in features such as bookmarks and Notes – Ideas to easily manage your life. You can sync all your data to thecloud. The Graphic are pretty cool and smooth. Easily search using your favourite search engine from its embedded app.

Basically, this app is amulti-in-one toolkit.

Link to WebStoreand Website

6. AdBlock

When Ads are the main income of most of the blogger and website, some website may get your brain off due to their annoying ads which distract your focus from the main content. It will remove ads from everywhere, from Facebook, YouTube (of course! No need of using extra YouTube ads blockers) and every single site. Now, Just Be Focus!

You can even manage its settings according to you!

Link to WebStore

7.  Last Pass

Remembering all of your passwords can be messy and hard. Using Sticky Notes makes it, even MORE, HARDER. LastPass is an easy and secure way to manage your password. You just have to Remember One Password that is your LastPass Master Key which let you access your password.

You can sync your Passwords across all your device by using LastPass Premium.

Not only Password You can use it to sync and recognize all of your information such as Credit Card (Yeah, It’s your choice) Forms etc.

Link to Webstore and Website

8. Pushbullet

Pushbulletconnects You, Your Computer, Mobile or any other devices and your friends. Easily share data and information between all of your device and chat with your neighbours. Get all of your messages, data, links, photos or music etc. at one place or we can also say it as many places J. The interface and Graphic are also attractable.

So, Pushbullet Chrome Extension will help you see your Inbox or anything without actually opening the application and yeah! also when you don’t have thedesktop app.

Now, Sync most of the things in a fine manner.

Link to WebStore and Website

9. Evernote Web Clipper

All of you might be aware of Evernote. For those who don’t and even for those who know:

Evernote is a freemium app which can be used to take notes, making list and organizing your messy life!

  • Once you start using it, you won’t leave it. Actually, you won’t be able to leave without it.

So, Evernote Extension will let you save bookmarks and Web Pages or Clip in just some seconds. Just Select and Click Save. Simple.

After it, you can manage and find it on all of your device and Web App too!

Both Pushbullet and Evernote havetheir own benefits. Having both of them is fairly a good idea.

Link to WebStore and Website

10. Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammar Checker

Grammarly, the best Spell and Grammar Checker app ever made. Even I am using Grammarlynow when I am writing this Post. Grammarly is Free but can be upgraded to unlock more features. It will check the every word and Sentence against its 250 Grammar rules and Spelling to give you the right output.

The whole Extension Includes:

  • Grammar Checker
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Spell Checker

It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook as an addon, etc.

  • A better way to write – that’s the Grammarly promise!

Link to WebStore and Website

SEO Chrome Extensions

Most of the SEO extensions provides quick access to  Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Checks, PageRank Checks.

SEO For Chrome , SeoQuakeSEO Site Tools,  WebRank SEOSEO & Website Analysis,  META SEO inspector, MozBar


Focused and Distraction-free environment makes it easier to concentrate on your work. These Great Extensions make this possible.

Are you using any other SEO Extensions for your Google Chrome Browser?Share with Us.

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