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TweetAdder Review: Twitter Marketing Software

If you are using social media to market your brand or business, you surely know how important Twitter is and how vital it can be to get a lot of followers. While many want to increase followers through various do-it-yourself techniques, many social media managers are starting to realize that automation lets you get even better results quicker and with greater ease.

TweetAdder is just one of several automated tools on the market that can help you to get more Twitter followers quickly, but does it work?

How TweetAdder works

TweetAdder is essentially a Twitter management tool designed to help gain targeted Twitter followers. This means that TweetAdder isn’t simply bringing in a great number of followers, but it brings in real followers that you want to market to by using six targeted worldwide search tools, helping you to utilize this great tool that is Twitter in marketing your business.

TweetAdder is a professional Twitter account management solution that is full of features. One feature you may enjoy is the ability to run multiple Twitter accounts concurrently, either for yourself or a client. A host of features geared for professional Twitter managers include several auto-follow and auto-unfollow options, such as blocking specific users, full control over automatic follows, and the ability to automatically unfollow those who do not follow back.


Like other popular social media management tools, TweetAdder also allows you to post to your Twitter accounts as well. With TweetAdder, you can automatically post to Twitter throughout the day, and you can also post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace. Additionally, TweetAdder can also generate tweets automatically so that new fresh content is always going up.

These are only some of the features of TweetAdder, which is a software-based service. Subscription prices vary depending on the amount of accounts you wish to manage with the service, and an unlimited option is available. TweetAdder comes with a lifetime license with unlimited free software updates and ongoing support.

TweetAdder Reviewed

For professional social media managers using Twitter to market themselves, their business, or their clients, TweetAdder is most likely the best Twitter management available. Fast and easy to use, the amount of features offered by TweetAdder are unbeatable. Other social media management software can really do only a fraction of what this program can do for you.

Even though many social media marketers may still prefer to build a base of Twitter followers manually, automation can be an incredible help. Automation can help you to focus more on other areas of your business while you still have an active Twitter campaign building followers and driving traffic to your (or your client’s) blogs or websites.

Twitter Referral Traffic

An on point, market leading program, TweetAdder has many benefits over Hootsuite or Tweet Deck. One benefit is that TweetAder doesn’t use API, meaning that you can do even more with this program than with others. Another favorite feature for many is that you can manage all accounts in one window; you don’t need to go screen by screen to see the details of all of the accounts you are managing with the program.

As an automated program, you will like that it works quickly, but not too quickly. TweetAdder is set up so that your accounts will not get banned for following either too many Twitter users or for following too quickly. The only way you could get in trouble with Twitter for “follow churn” is if you are carrying out manual functions on your own.

A feature rich program, there are many appealing things about this software, some of which has been mentioned. There are many favorite features, but one that many have fallen in love with is the ability to follow other users automatically by keywords. Using TweetAdder, you can have users that mention your products, brand, or website be followed every time it is mentioned on Twitter.


An excellent Twitter marketing tool, TweetAdder is just one of many on the market. It is, however, the best. A software solution geared to true professionals, this is ideal for anyone seeking a professional, powerful Twitter management tool.

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One reply on “TweetAdder Review: Twitter Marketing Software”

Nice review on TweetAdder. We have been using it for some time now and just love the amount of time it saves us. The only drawback is that it runs on your local computer which always has to be on for it to run. We solved that by putting TweetAdder on a cloud server. Now it runs 24/7/365 fully automated according to our settings and it no longer uses any of our computers resources.

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