10 Free Website Speed Test Tools for WordPress Users

You need to analyze your website using Website speed test tools if you wish to keep all your customers within your website!!


  • It is quite common for a user to hit the Back button and head over to another site, simply because a site is taking too long to load.
  • With increased internet speeds in the current times, very few people have the will and patience to wait for a sluggish site.

All that said, it is obvious that the next step to take in order to ensure that your website does not fall victim is to carry out a speed test.

There are various tools which you can use to carry out a speed test on your WordPress site.

Website Speed Test Tools

Best Website Speed Test Tools For Performance Optimization

A few examples of the tools that you can use include;

The basic aim of such tools is to provide proper results for calculation of loading and surfing speed of your website.

You can also check the performance of your domain from here. You will also be able to make changes according to the results provided here for better and faster connection to your website, providing the visitors with a much faster experience.

For organizations, which require a view and analysis of global network access this intelligence service is an essential tool.

Although the actual or perfect speed of a website cannot be measured as it varies every minute, these tools can very well provide us with satisfying results that can help the website owners in improving their websites.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a simple and efficient tool that will help in the analysis of the performance of your website, both on mobile devices and desktop.

Recommendations that are easy to follow are made afterward using a simple scoring system.

The scores by Google are also based on a large data cross-section and based on items that they feel are more important.

The Google PageSpeed Insights website speed test tool is one of the best tools out there.

It can measure the speed of your website’s network connection on both desktop and mobile devices. It measures the connection by fetching URL two times once with a desktop agent and once with a mobile agent and gives you a rank from 1 to 100. If your rank is up to 80, that means your internet performance is splendid.

This speed testing tool also provides you with many suggestions for your website like how can one improve his website network speed, etc.

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is a paid option for more advanced analysis including up-time monitoring and notification, real-time monitoring and mobile monitoring apps among others.

Pingdom’s web page, you have to enter a URL and the location where you want to test it. You can get the speed test result immediately.

It is also a mobile friendly tool; you can use it on your mobile to test the speed of your website. It can also detect various network issues.

The Pingdom monitors websites and servers on the Internet, informing the site owner if it detects any problem.

3. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is another website speed test tool. At first, you have to create a free account from here, which provides 20 free tests for you.

When you entered your URL here, it can analyze your website speed.

The GTmetrix show you how to optimize your images, step-by-step, in their practical guide.

GTmetrix gives you a full picture review about your website’s speed, loading time of your site. The website can also check where the major problems are.

4. Webpage Test

webpagetest.org is an open source project that has the full support of Google.

It only takes a few minutes for a thorough analysis on the website performance to be carried out. Its major strength is its ability to pinpoint the causes slowing down your site.

You can test any website speed from many multiple locations around the globe.

You can run simple tests, and you can perform advanced testing.

The result will provide in good diagnostic information. This checking test can check your network speed and gives you a suggestion for improvements.

You should try this speed test website for your first test. There are many advertiser partners in worldwide for Webpage Test website because it provides some very satisfying results.

5. YSlow

Yslow is another free to use website speed tester, which can give you all the speed related information.

It is a very popular web browser.

It is a Yahoo!’s page performance tool.

It gives a grade rankings for every web page according to its speed. It also gives some suggestions to improve the page performance.

The website will show you statistics about the page. It is used to investigate the performance of client’s websites. It will also tell you why that page is slow.

You can improve your website experience by using this free to use speed testing tool.

6. Sucuri Load Time Tester

The Sucuri Load Time Tester is specially used to measure the loading time of your webpage.

If your first-byte time and total time is not low, you can get terms of performance through this tester website. The first-byte time means, the time taken to a web page to load and receive its first byte.

If your network speed is slow, and you want to improve it, the Sucuri Load Time Tester will help you to make changes to your website server provider for better results.

7. Varvy PageSpeed Optimization

Varvy is a website speed testing tool that will give you the complete analysis of your web page performance both in desktop and mobile as well.

It can calculate your sites upload and download speed. It also gives you advice how to fix certain errors.

This tool can find out the issues which are the reason for slowing down your web page.

This free website speed tester provides you with page speed test, page size test, and page-loading time tests. Moreover, it will also give many suggestions for loading problems and errors.

8. PageScoring

The PageScoring speed tester is a website, which provides information about your web page and also its public domain.

This website will check your domain speed, as well as the receiving speed of it as 60% of the visitors on your page, want it to open in 2-3 seconds. If it does not open in that time, then 35% of such people will lose their interest to watch your page.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a good web page speed. Page scoring can help you a lot in this aspect and is considered as an excellent website speed test tool

9. Yellow Lab Tools

It is a free online web page speed-checking tool. It will give you online help for speeding up your heavy web pages.

The Yellow Lab Tools are also supported on tablets and phones.

It will give you the launch speed of any web page. Also, you can get some splendid suggestions for faster loading.

This tool has a grading feature, which provides A to F grade according to your webpage’s speed. This is entirely free to use online speed tester and is useful for beginners, as well as for advanced users.

10. Google Chrome DevTools

The Google Chrome DevTools is also a speed checking tool. It can also track down many layout issues, set JavaScript breakpoints and it is also used for code optimization.

If you want to use the DevTools you first have to open Chrome menu, then you have to click Tools option and then Developer Tools.

There are many ways to open it. You can also use DevTools to iterate, debug and profile your site.

There is another way to open it right click on any webpage element and then click Inspect.

From here you can change the layout and designs of Web Page. It can even debug your JavaScript.

11. WP Engine WordPress Speed Test

Recently, WP Engine (one of best-managed WordPress hosting provider) have launched new WordPress Speed Test tool and It helps you to evaluate the root causes of decreasing site speed.

This tool is incredibly helpful for site owners to recognize the causes of the additional load time.

Test your website with the WP Engine WordPress Speed Test

Speed tests help you to optimize your website in terms of speed.

So, these were some of the most famous website speed checking tools which are considered to be as good as paid tools and are heavily used by web page owners

This, in turn, helps to rank your site higher in search engine results of Google based on the fact that speed is incorporated in their ranking algorithm.

The user experience is also greatly improved with faster load times. Happy customers lead to a growth in traffic which ultimately, is what you desire.

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